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  Subscription Information & Order Form

Flight Lines TM

  Flight Lines is a daily publication reporting the latest news and events taking place in the aerospace industry.  Each edition is faxed directly to your fax machine or emailed to your email box by 6:00 AM (your local time), every day, Monday through Friday, giving you the latest facts on world events that affect your business commerce.

Special Introductory Offer - For new subscribers only, SL News Service will send you Three Free Issues to let you first experience the valuable information contained in Flight Lines before you decide to subscribe.  If you like what you see, you may simply print out this subscription form, fill it out with the requested information, and mail it  with your payment to the address below and we will immediately start sending you daily issues of Flight Lines for the period you choose.

The following are our rates for six different choices of service:

Rate Period

Fax Rate

Email Rate

Quarterly (13 weeks)

$ 94.00

$ 75.00

Semiannual (26 weeks)



Annual (52 weeks)




If mailing a check or money order, please print out this page, provide the information requested below, and send to:

Flight Lines

SL News Service

P.O. Box 1180

McMinnville, OR  97128

If you would like to try the free samples first, simply provide the following information, click submit and we will send out your samples starting on Monday of the following week. Otherwise, you may complete the form and send it in with your payment for the full amount.

___ Check here for our Free Introductory Offer (3 issues).
___ Check here for our Quarterly subscription (65 issues).
___ Check here for our Semiannual subscription (130 issues).
___ Check here for our Annual subscription (260 issues).

  Full Name ________________________________________________
Company ________________________________________________
Address __________________________________________________
City _______________________State ______________ Zip_________

Please indicate which format you prefer: ___fax or ___email

Fax Number: _____________________________________

Email: __________________________________________

Please make check or money order payable to SL News Service


Your publications will begin arriving the first business week following receipt of payment.

If you have any questions or would like further information, please email to:

or fax to (413) 845-1852.