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Your daily source for up-to-the-minute headlines about the aviation and aerospace industries

   Trans World Airlines Boeing 757

Northwest Airlines Airbus A320


                                                                                    TACA Boeing 767

Flight LinesTM is a daily publication presenting the latest headline news in the world of aviation and aerospace.  Each edition is delivered before 6:00 am ET, every Monday through Friday, to your company via fax or email.  News of technological, business, financial and safety related events in the commercial, military and general aviation fields are presented in an easily digestible, brief headline format.

We give you the most information in the least amount of space because your time is valuable and better spent pursuing immediate business opportunities instead of plowing through general news publications for the information that interests you the most.  We are confident you will enjoy our style of simply presenting the bottom line facts in a brief 3 to 6 lines, giving you more time to take decisive action toward your own daily and long term goals.

To get you started, we are offering a special, introductory offer to all new subscribers.  Upon receipt of your completed subscription form, we will send you 3 free issues of Flight LinesTM for you to review.  If you do not find that it meets with your satisfaction, you will have spent nothing.  However, if it is something you would like to receive regularly, simply fill out our subscription form and we will start delivering Flight LinesTM immediately.

Or Call or Fax:  (503) 474-0450, or email to: if you have any questions or would like further information about our services.